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About the Author/Green Girl Extraordinaire

Go Green Girl has been a massive favorite of urban gardeners ever since it launched. Manhattan resident Melanie Smith started the project. She managed to grow the blog through her various articles and witty write-ups. She specializes with gardening in the middle of the urban jungle.

This blog is all about city dwellers who fascinates of growing their own garden! This is despite being in the midst of steel and stones. Melanie have been pumping out a lot of articles around this. Her charm and personality managed to pull in people from all walks of life.

Furthermore, she is an advocate in using natural products to prevent more waste. The city is already bombarded and clogged with this trash and other substance. In a way, she is helping people grow their own garden and help their community around them. It is a daunting task, but her D.I.Y. projects are both functional and affordable. Never miss any of her content, subscribe now and join our growing family!


About Go Green Girl

Go Green Girl is not a blog. It is everyone. It is you! 

The blog started out as a blog for people with the same interest in gardening. It managed to grow into a community shortly after, and it is still growing! The number of people that loved and supported the blog was extraordinary.

Furthermore, Melanie also conducts community events and occasions. There are engaging activities monthly. Community Spotlight, Community Content, and Community Meet-ups. These are some of the awesome actions that happen on the blog.

Unlike Community Spotlight and Community Content, Community Meet-up happens in real life! It is an annual event where Melanie and community members gather together . Community members fly across states and countries to make ends meet. Sometimes it is a two-day event with loads and loads of talks, discussions, and activities.

We got a lot more in store so subscribe today! It is never too late to join the community.